Principal's Desk
Education involves more than the acquisition of facts; it is the process of training the mind to think critically.

Dear Parent's

In every child, a world awaits exploration. Our commitment lies in fostering a sense of happiness in each child, aiming for a world characterized by peace and harmony. RKS Public School strives to transcend conventional learning boundaries, dedicated to establishing benchmarks that nurture children into resilient, compassionate, and intelligent adults.

At RKS Public School, our mission is to cultivate students who are well-prepared to navigate the competitive society, armed with value-based knowledge and skills that contribute to the development of global citizens and conscientious individuals.

Recognizing that teaching is a transformative endeavor, we embrace a holistic education approach encompassing academics, co-curricular activities, sports education, and life skills learning. The campus, sporting facilities, and academic resources all attest to our belief in providing a comprehensive educational experience. Activities and events related to Value Education, games and sports, Visual and Performing Arts, Culture and Heritage, and Personality Development are seamlessly integrated into the school curriculum.

I eagerly anticipate working with you to contribute to the creation of a school where parents are welcome at any time, students are engaged in meaningful learning, and staff members are valued and appreciated for their efforts.

Mrs.Kirti Soni
RKS Public School